House of David Delfin and Gorka Postigo in Madrid

This beautiful residence is located in Madrid, Spain and it’s the home of fashion designer David Delfin and photographer Gorka Postigo. This residence is a sanctuary of modernity and nonconformism. It’s not the type of interior décor that every age category would approve. Some people might even find it offensive. Nevertheless, this home expresses the

400 sq m House in Madrid

This odd-looking house was designed and built by Ensamble Studio in collaboration with Elena Pérez, Débora Mesa, Jorge Consuegra, Marina Otero and Ricardo Sanz and technical architect Javier Cuesta. It was built in the period between 2005 and 2008 and it’s located in Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain. It occupied a surface of 400 sq m.You

Artistic interior design apartment in Madrid

This beautiful work of art tat you see here was possible thanks to interior designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada. The entire place is filled with beautiful pieces of furniture and decorative items. For example, the dining room features a beautiful antique table that was bought in Paris. It’s surrounded by steel and raffia chairs that were found

Remodeled small apartment in Madrid

Small places can also be beautiful and pleasant. In fact, it could more inviting and warm just because of its small dimensions. For example, let’s take a look at this beautiful place in Madrid. The design was created by Paloma Martínez Gil, Argensolacuatro Architecture Study. What you see here is actually a redesign and restructure

Converted warehouse in Madrid

The lovely loft that you see now was once a warehouse. It’s located in Madrid and it suffered a careful renovation meant to turn the cold warehouse into a warm and cozy home. Now the loft in filled with natural light from the large windows. In the living room there’s beautiful vintage table complemented by

Renovated duplex apartment in Madrid

This duplex is located in Madrid and it has been recently renovated. The main changes have been made to the top floor. The entire place has been modernized but the spirit of practicality and creativity has been preserved intact. As you enter, the hall has been painted in an intense tone or dark brown, almost