Office and Meeting Space Combined in an Eye-Cathing Building: KIT pavilion

KIT pavilion was designed by Japanese Architects Atelier K and is located in Kyoto, Japan. The building was especially designed as an office and meeting space for the Kyoto Institute of Technology. A giant cantilevered roof creates a dramatic visual effect and differentiates the project from its surrounding buildings. According to the architects, the multi-functional design

Incredible Office Chair by Benjamin Cselley

If you intend to follow the idea of having a healthy mind in a nice shaped body than you must take into account the things that can help you to do such a thing. We all want to have an incredible body and feel nice .Sometimes in order to keep you in a good shape

Dynamic BP Office in Rotterdam

Think of these two options. What would you prefer, a huge office building or a small office building?I guess it depends on everybody’s personal features and working desires. A huge office building will include many people who would work each on their side and less intimacy or close relationships. Here it is almost impossible to