Nickel Station Table Lamp

When I watch old movies I find myself looking in a nostalgic way at the old train station lamps that worked on gas and spread a blurry light around. I don’t know why I find this very romantic and nice, even though I am a modern person and I really enjoy all the benefits of

Table Bench Chair by Sam Hecht

Convertible and multi-purpose pieces of furniture began to be more and more popular. That’s because they are great for small spaces, helping users to enjoy all their functions without having to give up anything. Moreover, these pieces are also great for all types of spaces because they bring new designs to the table and represent

Chic McIntyre Table Lamp

If your home needs a subtle but eye-catching piece, you can always try a lamp. The McIntyre table lamp would be a very good choice is this case. It’s not the design that makes it special but the combination of odd materials. The base of the lamp was made by hand from recycled rubber and

Buy Dining Room Table Sets

One of the important aspects you need to have in your house is the nice furniture. Believe it or not, furniture can really influence your mood when you are staying at your room. Nice looking and suitable stuff with the room’s design will make you feel comfortable and enjoy staying at a certain area longer.

Genoa Coffee Table With Glass Top

Coffee tables are not just functional and useful when you have guests; they are also very nice looking and pleasant to see, very decorative and stylish, being able to bring a plus of charm to a room and make it look more interesting. They are central furniture pieces most of the time, so they draw

UFO Table from Inmod

I have wondered many times how come UFOs look like flying saucers and not like something else. Why aren’t they perfectly round or oval or even square? Why do all of them have this particular shape and look? Any way, I do not necessarily believe in aliens and stuff , but I do like unusual

Dining Room Table Sets for the Dining Room

Dining would be perfect if it as done in the perfect place and perfect time. We could set the perfect dining room furniture at home.We should add some excellent supportive stuff for the dining room. We got to add the perfect dining room table sets.There would be plenty kinds of dining room table sets. We

Old Plane Engine Used as Coffee Table Base

We recently ran across this odd, yet very cool design. What you see is what you get: the base of this coffee table is a genuine plane engine. According to Design Milk, the Cylinder Radial Engine Table was created by using a base that comes from a US Army Boeing-Stearman PT-13 and was acquired from