Unique Porch House Design in Vanderpool

This lovely house was completed in 2010 but it doesn’t look like the typical contemporary buildings. It’s modest and it’s rather traditional. That’s because the owners didn’t want an impressive house but one that they could call home and where they would feel comfortable. The house is located in Vanderpool, Texas, USA and it sits

Unique Penthouse in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city with many beautiful residences and gorgeous apartments and penthouses. One of them is this beautiful penthouse designed by Tailwind. It features modern architecture and it occupies and entire floor. The building has an elevator. A second floor is currently in progress and will be finished towards the end of 2012.The living

The unique Meg Chair

It’s not every day that you see such a stunning design. The Meg chair has a very unique look that you can either love or hate. Personally I’m still having mixed feelings in this area. Whatever the case is, one thing is certain: there’s no other chair like this one. The design is so different

Unique and modern Villa DVT

Located in Arnhem, Netherlands, this modern beauty was designed and built by BOETZKES/HELDER. The client expressed his wish to have a modern home with loft-like interior. Everything had to be unique. The result was this minimalist design, with graphic lines and almost no details.The façade of the house is made of aluminum and made of