2 Door Kiyoshi Vanity

I ran into this 2 Door Kiyoshi Vanity when I was visiting an interesting web site that deals mainly with tea. I mean original Chinese tea. But this web site also offers some interesting furniture pieces for sale and one of them was this vanity. It is pretty interesting and looks great, showing its Asian

10 Most Popular Projects Presented in September 2011

Dear Freshome readers, it is time for us to draw a line and see who created what in the month of September. We are happy to see that each posts gets your appreciation expressed through voting, sharing, comments and relevant advice. We are certain you guys want to see the best of the best, so

Creative Decor for Country Kitchens

Country style for a kitchen can bring a very comfortable feeling to the tenants. In fact it is very fun to use creative decor that you make by yourself as the accents of your country kitchens. Country decorating accessories for kitchens usually have a style that is homespun and simple. Therefore, it can be very

Celebrities Portrayed as Russian Generals by Replaceface

Replaceface is a website where portraits are being done in a more or less noble manner. The concept (found on My Modern Met) is based on the works of George Dawe, an English artist who painted no less than 329 portraits of Russian generals active during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia for the Military Gallery of

Whitaker Chair by Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is a famous American designer of Jewish origins who invented an original approach to home design called “happy chic”. This Whitaker Chair by Jonathan Adler is very nice and looks great. That is because it is pretty different from all the other chairs I have seen so far. The chair does not have

Light Shelf Tower

I discovered this original lamp and it drew my attention because it combines the features of a shelf and a lamp at the same time. It looks like a tall tower with metal frame and two thick glass shelves where you can store different things like books or other decorations. The upper part is the

Kitchen Gallery for Your Kitchen Best Setup

There’re many times when we have problem to decide the best kitchen setup we want to use for our kitchen. If you have this problem, a kitchen gallery could be very useful.The best about kitchen gallery is there’re many possibility of kitchen setup you can get at there. If you want to create kitchen where

Small Bathroom Ideas Is Easier Than You Think

Small Bathroom Ideas – Remodeling a small bath has several challenges. Finding good small bathroom ideas, however, is much easier than many homeowners think. Whether the makeover involves a master bath, a powder room or any other smaller area, it is possible to find great ideas to make the space optimally functional and attractive. Challenges

Tiffany Lamps Beautiful and Elegance

Tiffany Lamps Beautiful and Elegance,  If you want to add a touch of class and sophistication to any setting, then you may want one. Tiffany lamps are made with exquisite pieces of stained glass which are soldered together to form beautiful scenes or conceptual motifs. These beautiful lamps generally have a solid metal base which

What is a Tiffany Lamp?

Tiffany lamp style that brings awe-inspiring looks from those who see them? The beauty and elegance? The craftsmanship? The colors? Probably all of the above. With its stained glass patterns of intricate design, Tiffany lamp are unlike any other lamp in the world. From the moment you see one you know what it is. In