Landscape Lighting

Planning the best use of landscape lights simply means determining how the landscape would look the best under the cover of darkness. The best-laid landscape lighting plan is the one that will put just the right amount of light in necessary places without overpowering the night and keeping the neighbors awake with blaring brightness.

Some landscape designers can be confusing when discussing angles, colors and placement of the lights. Those are decisions to be made after the actual layout of the land is taken into consideration and how the lawn and garden areas are used at night. For example, if outdoor entertaining is not important then lighting the patio area and creating paths of light can be omitted. On the other hand, if summertime parties often run into the night lighting should be considered important.

Once the landscape layout has been determined and living areas versus remote areas are delineated then the style and placement of the landscape lights can be discussed. There are many different styles of landscape lights, ranging from pathway lights that are either pole lights or staked lights to lanterns and rope lights. If there are water features such as fountains, ponds or pools, there are specialty lights that can be used to bring them to life and create a spectacular showing after dark.

These decisions do not have a right or wrong answer; they are totally based on personality and taste. Some homes have a variety of landscape lights that are temporary and changed out according to seasons while others have simple lighting plans that provide a beacon to their home. The amount of light that is used will also be based on the homeowner’s personality and style. Some prefer to have slightly brighter lights that allow them to see their entire yard, this gives them a sense of security; others prefer a much more subdued light that creates an ambience rather than a light show.

The best landscape light advice is to follow the pattern and style of lighting that best suits the personality of the home and its occupants. It is an investment in the home that will linger for years to come and if designed properly be a selling point should that day arrive.

Landscape Lighting

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