Small Bathroom DesignSmall Bathroom Design – You may have little choice if you actually have a small bathroom. It doesn’t mean though that you automatically have very limited options with your small space. There are still a lot of tasteful designs you could consider. Here are some tips at designing small bathrooms.

Put Only What You Need

Ask yourself if you really want a bathroom that doubles as a living room. Chances are you will only really be spending a limited time in your bathroom. You are also not likely to be doing a lot of things in it. If you use your bathroom as it is meant to be used, then you don’t need a lot of things in it. Get rid of extra fixtures and storage units. Keep only those that you can actually use for a little relaxation and for the essential functions of a bathroom.

Choose Small Items

If you live with average sized people, you really do not need big fixtures. Big toilets, tubs, faucets, showers and sinks would look terrible in a small bathroom. They will also eat much more space. The fixtures should be appropriate to your size but nothing more. You should choose the smallest size of all fixtures that will fit you and your needs. The visual impact and the actual effect would be a small bathroom that is roomy and unobstructed.

Move Up

You can be more creative with your use of space in a small bathroom design. Just remember that the floor is not the only area that your bathroom holds. You also probably have a lot of overhead space. Instead of letting that area go to waste, consider putting it to good use. Move your storage compartments up. Tastefully designed mini cabinets and tubular racks would look perfect there. Aside from overhead space, you could also get rid of such floor space consuming features as a pedestal for your sink. You can simply use a hanging sink.

Get Rid of Somber Colors

Aside from space restrictions, other features make your bathroom look even smaller. One of these would be your general color scheme. If you are oriented towards dark colors, your small bathroom is not one of the places where you should apply them. Instead of dark, heavy colors go for pastel or light color shades. Lighter shades make your bathroom more inviting. They also have the capacity to play with visual perception, making small areas seem more open and spacious.

Decorate with Small Things

Space restriction is not your only problem. You would also most likely want your bathroom to be ideal for relaxation too. You would probably be more comfortable in a bathroom that looks and smells nice. How can you improve on the appeal and appearance of your bathroom without adding unnecessary features? You can actually use small accents for it. Choose small appliqu designs for your tiles. A couple of scented candles and soap around strategic places can also help improve the general impact of your bathroom.

These are only some small bathroom design ideas. If you consider exploring a little more, you might realize that there is actually so much more that you can do with a small bathroom design.

This article is all about Tips for a Small Bathroom Design