I have wondered many times how come UFOs look like flying saucers and not like something else. Why aren’t they perfectly round or oval or even square? Why do all of them have this particular shape and look? Any way, I do not necessarily believe in aliens and stuff , but I do like unusual things. And this coffee table shaped like an UFO is certainly unusual. It is modern and nice, with an UFO looking white base and a sheet of transparent glass on top of it.

yhst 69328165909994 2171 5071490130 UFO Table from Inmod

As you can see , it looks perfectly like the UFOs you see on TV or in the magazines, hence the name. But it is nonetheless a piece of furniture that can be used as a nice coffee table and for giving a special look to your living room. You can also use the space between the table base and the top for storing magazines or some useful books and papers. You can purchase it now at Inmod for $9,600.

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