Bathroom furniture is always tricky. Nevertheless, wooden furniture always seems to eb a favorite, regardless of the style or the dimensions. Laguna Basic is particularly versatile because it’s shape makes it easy to integrate in any bathroom. It has a rectangular external form so it fits just about anywhere. Moreover, there’s a very wide range of different materials and finishes that are available The costumer has the freedom to choose whatever type of wood he wants and a custom bathtub will be produced for him in a reasonable amount of time.

laguna basic 02 Versatile wooden bathtub

The Laguna Basic has a soft, curved but yet very stable design. Moreover, every model is availably as fully equipped Jacuzzi, regardless of the dimensions of material. Every piece is made from high-grade wood and modern composite materials. What’s especially interesting and attractive about this particular bathtub is that is has a flexible outside shape that can be chosen by the costumer, in order to make it fit exactly the bathroom.

laguna basic 01 Versatile wooden bathtub

laguna basic 01 Versatile wooden bathtub

laguna basic 03 Versatile wooden bathtub

laguna basic 04 Versatile wooden bathtub

Trap and valve are already installed so the assembly requires is reduced to a minimum and so is the time required to make it ready. Among the colors available we can mention wenge, walnut, mahogany, pear, iroko and oak. Every tub is completely saturated to resin, making it resistant to water and humidity. It can be manufactured from every conceivable type of wood, in a reasonable period of time.found on alegna

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