The living room is , in my opinion, the most important room in the house because we spend most of our time there and also all the guests that come to our house stay in this room. Sometimes it is a bit too large or you want to separate two different areas in it, so you need something discreet and nice, something that is full of taste and not very obvious. And if you are lucky enough you will come across this great Walnut Desmond Screen and you will use it wisely.

desmond screen walnut Walnut Desmond ScreenIt is a screen indeed, but it is so beautiful that you can use it for decorative purposes only. It was designed by Jonathan Adler and it is made of Walnut Veneer and polished brass. That means that the big frames and the smaller squares inside are made of Walnut Veneer and all the elements are held together by polished brass tubes and hinges. This screen is a work of art in itself and you can have it for $1,500.

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