Rainy and chilly days, shorter days, reddish, yellowish or brownish colored leaves of the trees, a season of crops and provisions or the season of the delicious grapes and the perfumed wine. All these aspects refer to the nostalgic season of autumn. It is a period of change and preparing for a colder season. Vegetation, animals and humans too, prepare to face the coldest season that follows autumn, winter. Autumn is a transitional period which helps us adapt to harsher conditions of life.

Leaf Lantern Wonderful Leaf Lantern

Perhaps the most stunning image is that of a colored forest which can charm you with its great explosion of colors which create a harmonious picture that make you live unforgettable moments of relaxation and admiration. Now you may also bring a wonderful Leaf Lantern into your house which will create a great atmosphere of autumn.

Leaf Lantern1 Wonderful Leaf Lantern

The light of its candle will bring air of romanticism and nostalgia which will fit perfectly to the warm of your home. For 53.01- 76.06 euros this lovely Leaf Lantern can be yours. It was inspired by the beauty of the oak leaves and is made of cast aluminum and iron with a bronze finish and available in two sizes: small: 8? square, 14.5? high and  large: 12? square, 22? high. You may also hang it outside and make your outdoor décor part of the wonderful picture created by autumn.

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